Day 3: The End of Ramadan

Tuk-tuk in Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania is largely a Muslim country and until today, was mostly observing Ramadan. Many restaurants weren’t open during Ramadan, and our doctor boss even advised us not to eat or drink in public view in the hospital. We later learned from Christine, the procedures nurse, that Ramadan isn’t observed in the hospital, and that the canteen … [Read more…]

Day 2: Holy C-Section

Mnazi Moja Hospital Operating Theater

We wanted to see something new on the Day 2 of our elective at Mnazi Moja Hospital in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. At first we went to the lady who was in charge of placing us the previous day. We thought she could help us find another ward, but she was nowhere to be found. … [Read more…]

Day 1: Cleaning Wounds in Tanzania

Minor Procedure Theater Mnazi Moja

My feet and lower back felt like they’d give out. I was sweating enough to restore the Aral Sea. Ok, maybe not that much. But the sad part was I’d only been working for a little over 6 hours. It was our first day of our Tanzania medical elective at the Mnazi Moja Hospital in … [Read more…]

Etihad Lost My Luggage

Etihad lost my baggage

My trip from Calgary to Dar Es Salaam involved flying on Etihad First Class Apartments between New York JFK and Abu Dhabi, and on Etihad Business Class between Abu Dhabi and Muscat, Oman. I had an amazing flight on the Etihad A380 Apartments from New York to Abu Dhabi, despite a 7-hour delay that caused … [Read more…]

Heading to Tanzania for a Medical Elective

Calgary to Dar Es Salaam

Most medical students at the University of Calgary are doing their summer elective in Calgary, or at least within Canada. I’ve chosen to do mine in Tanzania, a place I’ve never been before and don’t know much about. Few medical schools require students to do a summer elective before the traditional 3rd year clerkship, so Calgary … [Read more…]